Artist Development

To Petrol Music, artist development is the preparation of an artist for his or her specific market. This does not mean moulding that artist to fit a preconceived notion. Together Cedric and Ralph aim to develop an artist’s self confidence and belief, targeting their vision and style with clarity and control, through their artist development scheme.

Artist development is implemented through coaching and marketing sessions. Petrol Music work tirelessly to develop a brand identity for their artists - something that is tangible to the public, but to which the music industry can also relate. Focusing on the long term rather than viral hype, artist development is a crucial stage for any musician hoping to make a living out of their career.

Working with Petrol Music in the artist development field can eventually lead to collaboration with outside partners. However until the right partner is found, Petrol Music will continue to look after the management, production, publishing, booking and promotion of the acts they work with.


Petrol Music is happy to provide management services to all of the artists they work with.
Drawing from Cedric’s background in management and marketing, this is an invaluable service for any developing artist. Petrol Music are focused and dedicated to their cause, helping creative minds to put their accounts in order when it comes to administrative and financial tasks, as well as third party contact. Petrol Music is also able to provide image branding and career improvement services and strategies, providing the full package to anyone in need of management.


When it comes to recording your music, a decent knowledge of studio production is essential.
Providing a skilled and well-informed service, Ralph has experience of working with multiple artists through Solingen’s Rock City Studios. His wealth of understanding is transferred to Petrol Music résumé, bringing artistic ideas to life by way of studio production. Artists are provided with the time and space they require in order to develop their sound with the help of an established producer. Petrol Music is then able to present artists with their music in publishable form.


Petrol Music believes coaching is an extremely important part of an artist’s development, allowing them time to nurture their skills in anticipation of their public launch.
Preceding the coaching service proper, Petrol Music first access and analyse their artist’s requirements. Diligent to the tee, this initial phase reveals the elements on which an artist needs to focus, as well as the creative direction the artist feels most comfortable in taking. The coaching service then develops to include media coaching, stage and performance coaching, and a variety of other skills.

Booking / Promo

When an artist is ready to take to the stage, they may require help in booking and promoting the right gigs, and at the right time.
Petrol Music provides this service via a wealth of experience in the live arena. Cedric’s background in management and Ralph’s technological knowhow combine to form an un-reckonable force, ready to take on the press in anticipation of an actual event. Booking and promoting also includes media relations, targeting an audience through social media, and more. Petrol Music leaves nothing to chance!


Publishing is an invaluable marketing tool, crucial even in the early stages of an artist’s career.
Petrol Music is happy to provide this service to their artists. Working alongside their artist development scheme, publishing allows musicians to advertise their music to their fan base, as well as providing them with a rich history of songwriting and recording. Additionally, Petrol Music is able to provide legal advice regarding copyright, licensing and collecting societies – something young musicians often overlook.

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