When Aurora Artist, a management agency, met Face to Face Music, a production and publishing company, the harmony between the two projects was instant. Together with famed Solingen establishment Rock City Studios, they have formed Petrol Music – a music development company that aims to drive musical talent into the 21st Century.

Filling their tank with enthusiasm for the art around them; Petrol Music develop independent musicians and help them prepare for the German and international music scenes. Constantly supporting creative freedom, they believe the most important part of art is just that, and not the commercial marketing aspect often attributed to successful projects. Nevertheless, their superb experience on the road allows them to conscientiously draw upon a musician’s strengths, using their connections within the music industry to launch careers. They are, by all accounts, a catalyst for change.

Petrol Music may rev their engine, but they won’t rush their artists. They’re aware it can take some time to properly prepare a project for the outside world. Thanks to their passionate nature and ‘born this way’ attitude, they are able to support and nurture artists at every stage of their career. Petrol Music provide an array of services to the artists they develop, including but not limited to management, coaching, production, studio space, publishing, label cooperation and booking/promotion expertise. Despite the wide variety of services on offer, Petrol Music remains committed to the musicians they work with. They’ve got the drive, but good music is their fuel.


Ralph Quick

Ralph Quick (Face to Face Music, Rock City Studios) is responsible for production and publishing at Petrol Music. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a history of working with the likes of H-Blockx and Die Happy. Skilled, dedicated and professional in his approach to the music industry, his insight is incredibly valuable to Petrol Music and the artists he works with.

Cedric Maresch

Cedric Maresch (Aurora Artist) is responsible for management services and artist development. Having worked with several European projects in the past; Cedric is now ready to take on the world of marketing with an excellent understanding of branding and the importance of image within the music industry.

Combined, the two music industry professionals present an awesome opportunity for musicians to maximize on their skill set. Petrol Music’s brilliant understanding of digital communication, social media strategies and the music industry combined only serve to add to their prowess.

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